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Never Look Back

Sep 07, 2022

I am no lock stepper, a gesture often regretted. I betted on truth like a dude who started a movement told US to. Like the side I want to swing the sword for promised as a way to get to serene shores. I will stand against any mistake and say no, turn the other way, the game is more complex than just taking marching orders, I turn from the collective. I embrace the individual over the entity. Planting those seeds incessantly. I listen to the people on the ground and believe they have the right to sound their grievances, especially when not listened to for ages. The pages written in disbelief. The faithful given relief from the dastardly deeds being schemed from lands so far away you cant even conceive. How is it then that we have liberty? With our politicians yelling "ME, ME, ME!" And our disposition is cleaved from the wheat, and nothing but chaff is left of society. Be not a part of what is not truth, do not age unto a time when you laugh and realize you gave in to the mad clime. A sign that you just did not love freedom enough to face toughness and insecurity. You failed your fathers, and your own duty. Mankind given in to foundry, the ovens cloud the skies as our demise is lined before us like a track. Oh, you sad and sorry and quaked, ne'er look back, ne'er look back....

Robert "BOB" Lyons

for US House

Alaska's at-large

hard working, loving family man, transparent, God fearing, trustworthy

" A stand up guy" "Science is Debate"

Send a WOLVERINE to Washington DC!

Proud supporter of Native Alaskan subsistence rights! Sharing is of great value.

In this age of government overreach and incursion from Juneau and DC, nothing is more important than providing for one's family. Subsistence comes first, the people live upon it. Our 2nd amendment will never be infringed upon in this state! Bad policies regarding hunting and fishing have been harming individual Alaskans from ALL communities for too long. To Bob Lyons, Alaskans and our ability to harvest OUR resources will always come first! Selling out to corporate interests and Washington is not an option!

God Bless You All

What About Bob?


My name is Robert "Bob" Lyons. I’ve been in Alaska for most of my life, from the Delta, Greely to Fairbanks, and Bethel. That is where I met my wife Alexandria, a Yupik woman from Kipnuk on the coast. Our two children, Annemarie 21 and William turning 16, they both know what is at risk in the upcoming election, little rabbits have big ears. I think a NEW generation of Alaskans need to take control of what has become a state run by special interest over the interest of the citizens.

My father was military, US Army, he recently died from Agent orange/pancreatic cancer. Major Raymond E Lyons JR DO, his life dream was to get to Alaska. Dad sacrificed much to achieve it. I remember when he took us to the Pentagon to discuss getting reassigned with a general, I always looked up to him for that. His wish has made my life.

I've worked in the airlines in bush Alaska throughout my twenties, operated truck and equipment for 15 years. I currently reside in Mat-Su Valley with my family, in the cabin I built by hand. I have hauled fuel in frozen weather and pulled bulldozers from the frozen overflows. I have helped weld floats in cold lakes and driven over the icy river road as it rumbles and groans! I have dragged the homeless from the frozen snow and given them blankets. I have waited hours in lines at food-banks for people really affected directly by poor policy. I have walked day in and day out assisting schizophrenic addicts with recovery, I have put my dear Alaskan brothers in the ground.

I have a BA in Psychology and worked downtown in Anchorage with highly mentally ill transient populations as a case manager. That is until just recently where my life has hit an unexpected barrier, as has many of our citizens. Getting fired by a bureaucrat who wouldn't listen to my physician pushed me to act. I am against these mandates and the pain it has caused our neighbors. I think common sense targeted vaccinations and the peoples liberties should rule, protect our constitution, such a document preserving individual liberty has only been produced once in 6000 years.

Civil rights, Self Determination, Community Minded

I want to represent All Alaskans, with hard work, truth, transparency, dedication and determination. I vow a term limit, so I wont go to DC to be a part of THEIR club, or to represent the status quo, the powers that exist. I will go to represent YOU. I am adamantly pro liberty! We are known for rugged individualism here in Alaska! We are known for action here in Alaska! Alaskans have always held on to the belief that all the people in this state have a responsibility to each other, in our environment this is self-evident!

I believe a new age for Alaska has come. Where we as free people can take the reins of government back from interests living far away and being ignorant of our daily lives and struggles. Begin again to break through the barriers of opinion and hold to the truths of humanity.

UNITE and UNTIE Washington DC control from Alaskan's FUTURE

Alaskan control of resource decisions- we have to gain state independence from DC interests, no free people can be controlled from 3500 miles away. We Alaskans have a fundamental right to self-determination. The federal grip has led us into a stall. We must transfer power to the state.

Subsistence and individual hunting/fishing rights protections, and 2nd amendment defense. Individuals over Entities.

Veterans' travel/health protections- our brave warriors often get forgotten. They must come FIRST! Alaska's unique position detached as a state deserves special attention regarding Veterans and access to services!

Homelessness and drug proliferation must be addressed utilizing different modalities and by coalescing agencies, demanding accountability and productivity requirements in funding. Our efforts must be combined and targeted for effect, we as a state must get on the same page.

MANDATE Alaskan Growth and Affluence!!

Our FUTURE generations DEPEND on US!

Alaska doesn't have to be going nowhere, we can build a bridge to tomorrow, and guarantee our next generations the pursuit of happiness

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Liberty and Justice for ALL, Transparency in the Last Frontier

"It is noble to change course when you feel failure all around you, to admit to a mistake, to correct your path. But to continue on when you know you are hurting others, it is more than incompetent, it is bad behavior. It is chaos."

So when I lost my job due to the mandate, a choice between me and my physician versus my career, I contemplated. I discussed it with friends and family. I always studied politics, and always felt the need to be involved. I have decided, with very little funding, nor name recognition, a true outsider (I served on the parks and rec commission in Houston) to run for the people of Alaska in this election. I have seen the hurt the last year of chaos and poor federal decision making has brought to our fellow Alaskans. The threats to our personal free choices, our 2nd amendment, and our rights to live on our land with self determination have caused me to turn from the Democrats broken promises, to look truth in the eye, We all know it isn’t always pretty. I ask all Alaskans to weigh unbiased truth and reality at this important time in our state’s and nation’s history.



Shining bright for the country to see

an example of liberty and prosperity for the globe

The active military is being purged, healthcare workers, public safety, our neighbors, it is catastrophic in every community!

I will be grassroots, door to door. I will be driving around the state, and I am going to do old school soapbox speeches. I will fly out west and try to coalesce the freedom minded, engage the public. I will call radio shows, make fliers and try to be accessible.

I am a citizen running for the Alaskan values of individualism and freedom. Alaska should not be beholden at every turn to federal monies and the strings tied to it, but the responsible usage of our resources for growth and generational success.

I believe in term limits and I vow to my family, myself and Alaska, 2 terms. Then I come home, I have a good life.

Generational Prosperity, Honesty In Governance

My name is Robert "Bob" Lyons, I am going to Unite this state and use my force of will in the US HOUSE as a fighter. I will be an advocate for American Liberty and a future where our children thrive in unity, pursuing happiness. A patriotic wolverine, I will not be stopped.

I am Robert Lyons, and I am asking your support in this election for Alaska's US House seat.

Robert "Bob" Lyons

"Many politicians in Alaska make promises, then neglect. Their aim, to acquire power and influence, self-enrichment."

"There are many in this state with the big names, and all that comes with it..."

"If a heart is beating, a mind is thinking."


With moral strength and truth


STAY SAFE and TRUE Alaska!

“Winters lamp”

The silence is deafening,

Snow drifting to and fro

Piling below the streetlamps glow

Dampening even inner sorrows

The quiet scene in darkness shadow

Making it louder the settling of powder

Peaceful resonation of visual delight

Enticing a warm calm on a dark cold night

“Iqvaviiput Qavartarluta”

(Berry Camp)

By Robert and Alexandria Lyons

Angyakun ayagluta yuillqumun

(boat ride to the pretty tundra)

Iqvaryarturluta ellaallugmi

(to pick berries, in the rain)

Qalltaput imirluki ellaakegtaarmi

(fill up buckets on sunny days)

Ellaalliqan qamai-i kamiiniaq aspiaq

(when it pours, indoors is a nice fiery roar)

Neqkaput Naunrat/akuutat ukusurpak

(lots of salmonberry delight all winter!)

Paid for by Robert Lyons for Congress